Saturday, May 20, 2017

MGR in Graveyard, GA:BR to follow

I attempted to run Metal Gear Rising and when it became clear the game was a QTE-infested mess I dropped the run. Golden Axe: Beast Rider will be joining it in the graveyard once I finish encoding the second segment I recorded while re-assessing that title; it isn't worth my time right now, though I may return to it much later.

I will be attempting a Very Hard Vergil DMC3 run in the near future. This is made possible by the generous donation from nu1x which shores the cost for a USB hub to offset the loss of the front ports some months ago, enabling me to use the controller on the PC again. Since I had to delete all of my save games except for Golden Axe, and I didn't have Very Hard unlocked anyways, I'll be emulating this title - something only made possible by the 390 that HKS sent me a few months ago too. The emulator setup is thanks to a perpetually drunk swede with a sick beard.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Enduring Legacy

Four years after I made them, I finally found a use for some of the Undead meshes I had created for Black Sun.

After slapping some generic texture I set up in filter forge in an age long forgotten, I pushed render, took a "nap" for 2 hours and got no sleep, and away we went. Another 7-8 hours later and Thal's preliminary session was complete, and I had another host of information about my experimental add-on systems and statistics to consider, and another huge chunk of video to sort out and commentate at a much later time.

Indeed, things have been busy. I started recording an LP of Metal Gear Rising, though I haven't had time to make marginal progress on it, and I've been steadily hacking away at the remnants of the heroes videos I last casted, and taken stock of what there is yet to cast (a lot). Another fit of panic in the last two weeks from visits from the landlord and dealing with the overgrown lawn, same old.

I have realized I have spent a colossal amount of time in the last while designing and building things. Be it a character for a campaign, or stuff for my own campaign, D&D has triggered a massive upswing in my desire to create. It has most certainly brought me back to a time where there was no concern for failure or incapability. I can say that, for sure, there is no way I would ever turn back to modding now. With HKS' help I have, however, taken a deeper plunge into Unreal 4 and 3ds max - and figured out ways to create assets for Roll20, many of which I plan to release at Gameproc when they are ready. There are so few good assets available for free for digital tabletop, and I will do what I can to change that, because fuck charging people for images. Greedy cucks.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Heroes RLN 17-41 + 2 D&D videos Released

Don't let that goldfellow family fortune get sucked up by apple conspiracies.

As you might imagine, the D&D section is due for re-organization as Furry Fisting is most certainly no longer a 1shot.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

from player to DM

I suppose anyone familiar with the related subjects and my history is probably not surprised to learn that, at the behest of community members, I have taken up the mantle of DMing my own D&D campaign. While the campaign in itself is still being concocted, I've run to successful test sessions and am looking for the third (lol 3) and final one soon.

Unlike the videos I've recorded thus far, I am having other players record these videos, and I plan to use their recordings to help expose some developer commentary on world building and such I haven't really had the chance to talk about in other productions. For the time being, though, I've taken all of this as an excuse to kind of distance myself from video editing and recharge my batteries so to speak. You know when you get sick of doing something after what seems like an eternity it's best to take pause for a while unless you really come to lose taste of it... and I don't want to stop making videos. I just have recognized I am not in a good state to try to force myself to keep working on them when I'm clearly not enjoying it right now.

The cat is having major eye problems that are signalling all kinds of bad red flags, like "I'm sure this is infected and we're tiptoeing on an edge that could lead us into melting ulcer territory" bad, but without much money to my name and extremely high power/heat bills keeping a nigguh down all winter, I've been forced to simply wait and watch rather than act. Thankfully, there never seemed to be any damage to the eyes, it just seems to be some kind of... phase? I was warned by the vet a while back that there would be times the eyes would act up... it is, after all, not something you can heal - the herpes virus, that is, the root of the problems. It started with her left eye, looked like one of the scars had an infection next to it. Got kind of red.... blood vessels and all working at it for a week or so before it cleared up. Now it's the other eye's turn... the reaction was significantly worse... but no immediate sign of an ulcer, extremely little if any irritation at any points. But when I saw what looked like a yellow patch... I nearly had a heart attack. It has been a long two weeks...

Never feels like I ever get a break from anything. It's always been something to be worried about the last three years... just kinda want to be able to stop worrying about everything for at least a day, you know?

SC Remastered was predictably announced and predictably looks like shit. All of the colors are off, frame rates are off, it's like they didn't even try to reference the original material. Disgraceful.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

cc site explosion

If you're wondering why the main CC site is down it's because of this.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

D&D article + 2 related videos

As the title says, I've composited my experiences with the digital tabletop into an article and I have also released two additional videos for the section.