Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Ok, things have been looking bad for a long time. But they are finally starting to turn around and a lot of bullshit has been in the works for a while and some of it should coalesce in this coming month.

December 2016 is going to see a number of releases. I won't say quite what yet. It's going to be a surprise.

I finally did some of the banner assets I wanted to do for GP for goddamn months and I basically just yolo'd it because I had nothing I wanted to use on hand.

The landlord withheld all the water bills of the year until this month just to blast us with a massive bill at the worst time of the year. Pretty sure she's trying to drive us into bankruptcy as they undoubtedly know we are just barely scraping by on rent (and only because of overdraft). Spells good news for what will undoubtedly be the worst year yet to come.

I've been steadily releasing D&D stuff as it comes on Gameproc without much fanfare. The faseroll video from uub is also in the wow extras section now. I had more stuff planned for the graveyard but I seem to be missing it. I also seem to have lost some of my released files from the W transfer. Clearly didn't pay attention to what was backed up on the aux drive and what wasn't. I can just redownload them when my bumwide cap resets.

Psychologically this year has been an utter trainwreck and my health has plummited in the last months, with what I figured could have either been a stroke or kidney failure incapacitating me for several days and agonizing neck and spinal pain have become the forefront of my troubles since the end of summer. The reward I reap for spending literally the entire year sleeping on the floor. But it felt so comfy...

At least all the cancer scares seem to have petered out into nothing. I also didn't accidentally kill a cat by almost stepping on it. Phew.

December is going to be busy for me and that is a good thing.

As Apex U's writing project has received nearly no feedback I can only assume everyone agrees with me when I say it was a waste of time. So I'm going to go back to the CGI and just try to get done what I can. Just as part of a really complicated and convoluted psycho-analysis I did of my previous years of casting. I don't know what I'm going to do with the writing. I'm still working a little bit on 1.1 for seg 0 but the fate of the other installations remains undecided and that likely means they will die.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

nice butt THE REVENGE

6-1, 2-4, 7-2 and Stabbyman/wowlulz are now on GP as well as a D&D section.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

goat seamen

Edu 7-*, the Looking Back series, has seen its first release with a 2015 recording of 2042. Yes, I'm still playing catchup to last fucking year. Another recording, a briefer one regarding Apex, is also being processed, but mostly just to collect all of my rants and such in one spot. With it I sort of realized what had happened to me during this year - my passion is dead. Sc2 killed it. Well, it's more a combination of Sins and Sc2, but mostly Sc2. I was close to finishing my project with Sins, after all.

I have 6-1 created, but I'd like to make at least one of the supplement videos for it before I post it. If that is going to take too long then I'll just post it.

For the time being I am opted out of trying to record LP's and I'm just slowly catching up on misc works. I'm close to opening up a GP section for my Dungeons and Dragons recordings.

I'd also like to re-release my ancient Stabbyman series. Although it hasn't aged that well given they were the first real videos I ever made/edited (with the exception of the Halo videos), a few people have requested them over the last while. The main thing stopping me right now is I haven't been able to find episode 02. In fact, I can't even find evidence that 02 ever existed. I've asked fucking everywhere imaginable, went through my old drives, everything. The only possible answer lays on an ancient dvd I transcoded the videos to when they were first created, for my dvd player. I don't know where they are, and I don't even have a ways to view them right now. So I'll probably just release what I've got very soon.

Stabbyman was a World of Warcraft series that followed the Orc Rogue, Stabbyman, as I set out to solo content in the game while leveling that most players never even attempted, and it has some very silly duels/pvp. This was created in early Classic, and Episode 3 was immediately into BC, when content still contained Elites and such. It served as an entrypoint into video editing and was created a decade or so ago. Extremely rough around the edges with low quality encodes, but still entertaining for those interested. Think of it as the ancestor of Shanktarium.

When I put this series back up I'm hoping to finally get some site assets created I've been meaning to create for an eternity, specifically for the Compilations section.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


FF6 was released.

Getting some good progress on Seg 1. No major feedback on seg 0 yet but I got some fixes to it already, I'll just hold off until I do a pass on it when I finish seg 1 before I update to 1.1.

Got PS2 capture working a bit better, with a sort of decent solution for the interlacing. Ofc the ps2 never really did output great quality, but one look at youtube tells me I've got nothing to worry about if people have been dealing with THAT for all these years.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Apex U seg 0 1.0 was released. I already saw some things I forgot to do before releasing it (blanket fixing some spelling errors) but I'll catch those when I find something more significant.

FF6 is very very close to release. I need to finish casting the 4 hour compilation Nef sent me and the review which is a rather difficult thing to review. I am told the run is very "Canadian" and "cringey" from multiple sources, so that has to be good, right?

Keep an eye on GP/the thread.

Friday, September 23, 2016


I was in the process of translating the tech document to Gameproc, but I hit a bit of a snag. Since Unreal 4 doesn't have anti-aliasing and HKS isn't skilled enough to implement it yet, it is rather unsuitable for getting screencaps out of for the ships. Videos would have been fine, but still images lose detail in jaggies. I had a suitable render setup in 3ds max, but the renders were taking... 10-15 hours a piece. I am going to just post the stuff without any images when I am done editing it, but the priority is second to Apex Segment 0...

... which is nearing completion at long last. The text is about 90% written. It still needs some editing and some trouble spots need cleanup, but I don't plan to let it languish once the text body is drafted.

I have started tackling some of the castover back LOG that has waited months to over a year to be touched, much like many other things, I replaced the W drive with the last of my money (thanks for convenient sales, NCIX) and, hopefully, Winter will once again be my time to shine.

2016 turned out to be an equally miserable year as the others. I have absolutely no control over the stress anymore. It controls me, rather. Day to day it is a struggle to even so much as get up much less do anything productive. The only joy I find is making fun of hipsters and laughing at all the broken, lazy trash Schwa finds in the cellar. Between all of the health scares, financial troubles, and imminent threat of homelessness, there has been little reason to even try to fight it all. But now the weather is finally starting to cool off and a moment of silence returns to my abode.

Can I stop the cycle and return to productivity?

We shall see.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

XXE 22

A new XXE is available. I have more footage than this, particularly older stuff from HKS and such. I just don't have a good way to transcode it atm (some of it is very long).