Friday, September 23, 2016


I was in the process of translating the tech document to Gameproc, but I hit a bit of a snag. Since Unreal 4 doesn't have anti-aliasing and HKS isn't skilled enough to implement it yet, it is rather unsuitable for getting screencaps out of for the ships. Videos would have been fine, but still images lose detail in jaggies. I had a suitable render setup in 3ds max, but the renders were taking... 10-15 hours a piece. I am going to just post the stuff without any images when I am done editing it, but the priority is second to Apex Segment 0...

... which is nearing completion at long last. The text is about 90% written. It still needs some editing and some trouble spots need cleanup, but I don't plan to let it languish once the text body is drafted.

I have started tackling some of the castover back LOG that has waited months to over a year to be touched, much like many other things, I replaced the W drive with the last of my money (thanks for convenient sales, NCIX) and, hopefully, Winter will once again be my time to shine.

2016 turned out to be an equally miserable year as the others. I have absolutely no control over the stress anymore. It controls me, rather. Day to day it is a struggle to even so much as get up much less do anything productive. The only joy I find is making fun of hipsters and laughing at all the broken, lazy trash Schwa finds in the cellar. Between all of the health scares, financial troubles, and imminent threat of homelessness, there has been little reason to even try to fight it all. But now the weather is finally starting to cool off and a moment of silence returns to my abode.

Can I stop the cycle and return to productivity?

We shall see.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

XXE 22

A new XXE is available. I have more footage than this, particularly older stuff from HKS and such. I just don't have a good way to transcode it atm (some of it is very long).

Thursday, September 1, 2016

W Drive Death

The 2 terabyte WD Black that has served as my primary data storage for close to a decade has been exhibiting weird behavior throughout the year, such as making an odd sound like it was being accessed in short, loud bursts over and over again. During work with carbots and Google Drive the external would sometimes disappear from windows and hardlock explorer when you attempted to view the drive roots. I often had to restart multiple times to get the drive to reappear, just turning it on and off was rarely enough on its own.

Fast forward, with all of my sleeping on the floor as of late that sound has become a common thing to wake up to. Except I never ran google drive for more than syncing and that is definitely not the cause of it. I often figured it was the windows auto defrag, but I know what that sounds like (a solid, soft grind like encode access).

Previously, according to drive diagnostics, it was supposedly healthy. I decided I would ignore it for the time being until I wasn't running so many things. After all, in 2014 I had planned to completely replace all of my data drives and build a redundancy solution, like a NAS. The two greens I bought were ultimately cannibalized into aux storage and an encoding drive because of losing my life savings, though, and the later drives I would acquire were to further buffer encoding demands and replace failing drives. It didn't help I had so many problems with these enclosures and those greens. It also didn't help the nonstop running of fans for the last 5 months has ensured that even though I heard that sound every now and then I could easily forget about it.

Last night the fans were off and the drive was continuing to make odd sounds and I decided to start running more diagnostics on it. It promptly froze the file system analysis and vanished from windows. 3 reboots on the drive yielded nothing. Suffice to say, I stopped everything I was doing and rebooted it. The drive reappeared and was still making sounds. I decided to take action and deleted everything off of the new Q drive, everything being the source for FF6 (which is encoded), the source for many older heroes videos and possibly newer ones, and the source for an unnannounced video project. I didn't have time to sort hundreds of avis, I immediately set to work pulling files off the drive.

A day later and I have officially decommissioned the W drive.

I still don't know entirely what is wrong. I do not believe this to be the click of death that is the deathcry of a hard disk. But I do know it isn't a "good" sound. It could simply be the enclosure firmware or maybe google drive did major damage to it (the program never had access to this drive, only C). As it is, I have little reason or motivation to start swapping around disks in this heat and testing my luck with it. Should I ever find myself financially stable a decade or two down the line I can try probing the issue further.

As it is, I am just happy to still be in possession my data like the SC beta, all of my audio libraries, and countless other ancient goodies.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

HPBDSMF album 3 + coffee hour

new album

and if you missed them, the old ones

also, finally, a new coffee hour is available.

I am aware that I haven't put the podcasts on gameproc yet and I'll get around to it "sometime".

With the album done I have a lot of editing backlog to catch up on which will amount to a lot of smaller individual releases in a cluster at some point.

Since we (hopefully) have dodged a 2016 eviction that should hopefully equate to a huge productivity upswing in winter which follows my standard trends.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

all y'all niggas

Apex U segment 0 finally passes the 50% mark. At 83k words it could stand to lose a bit of weight in some areas, but I am almost ready to send it out to the two feedback manbros again. So far I consider most of the writing fairly solid for an initial concept, but there's a lot of cleanup that can be done. Whether or not that gets done before it goes public is the big question, as I am falling further and further behind schedule.

FF6 is finally getting its shit sorted with encoding and verification under way. I was pretty sure this would be at least a 10 segment release and, assuming my final session takes around a day or so, it will probably be a bit more - with each segment being 2-4 hours long. That will make this quite the lengthy run compared to the initial predictions of 20 hours. I am outsourcing the verification to india for this one, and feedback so far has been everything from absolute speechlessness to hysterical Swedish laughter. I am told it is quite the experience for anyone who is even remotely familiar with jrpgs - which, fortunately for you, is not me!

Alas, stress is merciless and unending, and not much else has been done in this time. It's been enough to try to keep myself from sleeping the day away on the floor.

One of the things I was doing recently was fooling around with Pokemon Go on that tablet the bank gave me a while ago. The Idle Pokemon Master (who is going to kill us all, according to Cystains) who stands around waiting for pokemon to spawn on it. EduardoBongton was born.

Other than the string of "xtacticalbeast" and similar names owning a gym nearby along with a slurry of east indian names, nothing of note has happened. Eduardo plateaued at level 9 due to lack of pokeballs, particularly since the only way to get them other than cash is through those pokestops and there's none next to my house. Only two exist in the same side of the town, and they're deep in ghetto territory. Like I would ever leave the house with an electronic device in my hands. Not to mention I don't have a phone connection or anything.

This did, however, allow me to test an experiment. Shaw is all about these Shaw Open wifi hotspots. If you check their map, the town is filled with clusters of them in the dumbest locations. We took a cat to the vet a few weeks ago to get its nails cut and restock on eye supplies. I decided to try to catch me some fetish monsters. Well, I found a few Shaw hotspots (about 5) and none of them could hold a connection for any more than a second or two. I had better luck with the myriad of unprotected wifi from apartments, but their connections were also too unstable to do anything with. In short, this dumbfuck ISP is raising our prices just to put useless shit in a vacant parking lot no one can even use anyways.

To make things more silly, a patch came out for the game that halved the capture radius of pokemon, dropped their collision sizes, and massively increased the chance for them to both escape the ball and run away from you. They also input read you and will "dodge" immediately after you throw a lot. It also seems to have greatly nerfed the pokemon variety that spawns on you. Since that patch I have not seen anything but Pidgeys and Weedles whereas before at least once a day I saw something evolved or a water pokemon from the rancid pond nearby.

At this rate, the WoW version of pokemon not only seems like it had more thought put into it (what was surely a weekend joyride for some intern) but actually has gameplay to it since you can fight in that version. You can actually pvp in that version too; I did try it once, and it ended with a hilarious stomp with Team Ron Paul. I have considered going back to that given it doesn't cost any money, but maybe I will entertain it more when I can get a control of my video recording.

As far as time wasters are concerned PokeGo did strike me as something fairly unique amidst a world of f2p trash. However, with that most recent patch, it's clear the greed has already taken hold of this google dropout and almost every person I knew to be playing the game has since uninstalled it.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

bumdota replays

Another 30+ replays are available for Blizzard Dota.

So the landlord phones a few days ago and says "the city sent me a letter saying you are leaking water somewhere" and we can only find the first floor toilet making slight dripping noises and that's it. So we shut off the water and now have waited days just to find out when her husband is coming over to look at it (which we still don't know, so either they don't care or they're getting legal papers in order). Seems like a good excuse for them to evict us if they needed one, so everyone is on edge. Add in security salesmen, cars parked outside our house staring at us for hours on end, people hanging around at weird hours, and everything has kind of a surreal, hostile feeling, one that only cements our insane crime rate as it is. After having to break into the house because Granny forgot her keys last time, I know how easy it is to open a "locked" window and slip in at ground level. Considering my life's work and any hope for a future is right there just waiting to be jacked, not to mention the cats, I never sleep easy.  If I sleep at all, given it is a goddamn furnace in here.

A-U writing slowed dramatically in the last two weeks as I have reached rougher waters requiring description-heavy writing, which I don't know how to do. As soon as I passed dialogue intensive areas and hit the tougher descriptive spots that lacked the radioplay baseline I used for the beginning I immediately succumbed to the same issues TOA had. Curious how I addressed those issues during my short golden age of writing, I looked back at TOA and was utterly bamboozled by how I managed to describe certain areas but also how bad my writing in some spots was. It's clear with Apex my dialogue writing improved significantly, but I never learned how to describe things. Unfortunately, TOA's extremely heavily premeditated designing is probably one of the big things that gave it some leverage in descriptions, a leverage that is very blatantly lost in all areas untouched by the revision. TOA's finale is a huge jumbled mess I cannot even follow and I fucking wrote it! That writing is only like 8 years old, not that old!! fuck. that's old. I'm old. ugh.

Bizarrely, my two QA referrals for early A-U have not pointed at what I predicted to be the worst parts of segment 0 as being trouble spots. Rather, a large slew of super basic stuff I focused heavily on during the brainstorming process and transcription were universally brought up as being a total fucking disaster. I have no idea how that works out, but if the reasoning why continues to trend as I think it's going to, there's no way this project is getting done before I'm out of a home. I definitely underestimated how hard descriptive writing was going to be, even though I assumed I'd need to skip 90% of it just to get anywhere at all. I'm in over my head... but it's all I got left to try to do. Being held up on translating mental imagery to basic descriptions and producing a paragraph a day or week is utterly awful. Feels pretty hopeless, man. But I like what's there currently. I think the potential is there and it's the lowest hanging fruit I could ever reach for. All I need is the motivation to keep swinging at it.

HKS bought me BB:CPE when it was on sale and after some frenchying I was immediately reminded that I have the finesse of a walrus with a controller. God. Damn it. But I think if I hit the record button on these games I can catch some truly amazing ricky babble. I'm gonna do it.

"Do not throw away today for the fear of tomorrow," I tell myself. But words are nothing in the face of life.

Friday, July 15, 2016

see goaT

Well, as of the 13th I am now 29 years old. With the most depressing day of the year behind me, I am hunkering down on slowly grinding through a large amount of video work.

The Starcrafts stuff is also mostly behind me as well. Between this and the switching of Apex to a written work, I am most assuredly never to touch sc2, or modding/game design for that matter, again, except for the very odd request. This transcription project takes priority over the Tech Document, and I have been making steady, if not slow, progress on it since I started.

Gameproc's news posts will now be used to keep track of all of my current work. The CC OP was also updated to use a very similar format.

I am at the end of FF6 but I kind of ragequit again. Need to wrap that up and get started on verification...

Stress is a demon with many faces, tentacles, and anuses, and it creeps up every day, making productivity difficult. However, I owe a great deal of my recent productivity to picking up D&D with a group of loosely related individuals to the community. The two or so weeks I invested into learning that and reading their chat logs helped me settle my mind and stabilize a bit, which has resulted in a tremendous upswing of work.

I currently have probably close to enough footage to create a new XXE, which I plan to start soon.

I have many new heroes videos in production, a large number of which are ranked 5's and many of them are co-casted.

Since the heat hasn't been so bad yet, I would like to go back to the ps3 and finish what I started there (the golden axe game) and start ff13 like I had planned to, as well as do some other, shorter emulated titles, once ff6 is finally finished.

I also started on a new HPBDSM album but given everything else don't expect to see it for a while.